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Our academy helps high school and college officials build ​sound fundamentals. We are on a mission to help you ​achie​ve your officiating goals and have fun while doing it!

Our sessions

No matter where your officiating journey is we ​got you. Whether you are a high school official ​that wants to fine tune your craft or perhaps ​make it to state. Or you have aspirations to ​officiate college and grow your college schedule ​we are the place to be!


Crew ​chief ​training

Learn what it takes to lead an effective pre ​game, halftime discussion, and post game. ​Learn what it takes to build credibility and ​trust within your crew.


Film ​review

Experience how our top clinicians review their ​game film and what they are looking for. Get ​a video breakdown of your own camp game ​right after your game.



Improve your communication and learn new ​tools to communicate effectively. These tools ​will help you not only communicate with your ​crew but also with coaches. Learn different ​types of communication styles for different ​personalities.

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Thank ​you

Another successful Sound ​Officiating Academy in the books!

Comillas Negras

“I had a blast this weekend and I felt ​like I learned a lot and got a lot out of ​it. I feel so much more confident in ​what​ I am doing now than I did before.”


“The legacy you’re building will impact ​not only the reffing community but the ​humanity around the sport we all ​cherish. The lessons I learned this​ weekend, the relationships that have​ begun to grow all started because o​f this camp.​”


“Thank you for an amazing and ​informative weekend. This camp was ​so much fun and I can’t wait to come ​bac​k next year.


Comillas Negras

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For more information please ​reach out via phone or email!

Paul Patterson

Tel (425) 923-0130

Email soundofficiatingacademy@gmail.com

Camp 2025 - Check back for updates!

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